Rodney Hakim is a freelance actor, director, producer, acting coach, Shakespearean, comic, writer, and blogger.  A humorist with an edge. A jack of all trades.  A father of two.  A severe caffeine addict.

Rodney studied Liberal Arts at New York’s Hofstra University, with concentrations in English, Drama, and Philosophy.  Like most Liberal Arts majors, his interests and attentions are all over the map, and he knows a little bit about a lot of different things.  Probably just enough to engage you briefly in conversation about any given topic, but before discreetly redirecting the conversation to another topic, once his well of information about the original topic rapidly runs dry.

They (yes, they, those people) say that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.  Well, they are right.  In this WordPress blog forum, Rodney uses his assorted little fragments of knowledge to get up on a soapbox and spout forth ad nauseum about a variety of topics.  From parenting to politics, religion to wrestling, and entertainment something else that starts with E that eludes him as of this writing, Rodney is full of narrowly informed opinions, and will beat you over the head with them until you beg for mercy.

Rodney has spent many years working in the theater, film, and stand-up comedy scenes in and around New York City, playing comedy clubs and Off-Off Broadway theaters all around Manhattan  and the boroughs, as well as plenty of regional spots throughout Long Island and beyond.

Rodney lives in Long Island, New York with his wife and two children.  Aside from his freelance work, Rodney spends his days working in the family carpet business (www.pgny.com).

Check out the Contact page for links for e-mail, website, social media, etc.

Are you still reading this part way down here?  Really??  Okay, enough already.  We’re out of information down here.  This is just filler.  Let’s change topics.  Discreetly, of course.  Go click on another page and read a blog or two.  Then let’s meet back here afterward for some coffee…


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